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This press statement serves to remind all that the Zambia Association in South Africa (ZASA) is non-partisan and shall not be associated with any statement issued by any political party.

ZASA is, therefore, urging all political parties to refrain from using ZASA or including ZASA in their statements as this goes against the Association’s fundamental principles based on the non-partisan stance.

ZASA’s mandate is to represent all citizens of Zambia resident or visiting RSA regardless of political, religious, creed, colour or tribal orientation.

It is, therefore, sad and very unfortunate that some political parties always make reference to ZASA whenever they issue a statement.

We as ZASA are warning all political parties to stop this scourge immediately and not to include or make reference to the Zambia Association in South Africa in anyway whatsoever as the Association is neither in partnership nor in an agreement with any political party.

This is the official position of the Zambia Association in South Africa, a civic NGO representing all Zambians based in RSA.


Alwyn Matongo
Presidential Assistant for Press &Communications

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