Update on arrested Zambian Truck Drivers and ZASA Welfare Fund

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Last week, we broke the story of Zambian truck drivers that had been arrested by immigration officials in Germiston (click here to read); the Zambia High Commission acted quickly to get the situation resolved. Below is an update on the situation.



Kindly take note of the following two announcements;

1. Update on the drivers who were in police custody.

26000 foreign nationals were arrested following a tip-off from an unidentified Zambian who is alleged to have reported the Company to the Immigration office after being fired from work.

The foreigners included nationals from Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe.

Among the 26000; only 12 were Zambians.

The Zambian High Commission intervened in the matter and had a number of meetings with the Police and Immigration officials in an effort to release the Zambians who were affected.

All Zambians went through the screening process and 6 Zambians were released immediately while the other 5 Zambians awaited verifications which were completed after a few days and it was reported that 1 Zambian had overstayed and the husband bought her an air ticket because she was declared as an undesirable person in South Africa.

We wish to officially state that all Zambians have been released and are now safe.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to the Zambia High Commission for the swift action taken to have all Zambians released under these circumstances.

2. Purchase of an Air ticket for a Critically ill Zambian living in Hillbrow.

This is to announce that an air ticket has been bought for the Zambian who is critically ill to go back to Zambia.

This has been made possible through the welfare fund to which the patient is an active contributor and a bonafide Member.

We also wish to thank the welfare fund and all those who are contributing on a monthly basis for your continued support as the purchase of the Air Ticket would not have been possible without your valuable support.

Thank you,

Ferdinand Simaanya | President, Zambia Association in South Africa.

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