ZASA reaffirms Diaspora commitment to National Development in Zambia

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In a speech given at the handover ceremony for the blankets donated by ZASA, the president of the association made a firm commitment to skills, technology and knowledge transfer as a way of Diaspora Zambians doing their bit to push the agenda of national development back home.



The ceremony took place at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Lusaka on Thursday 23 March 2017. Below is the speech by ZASA President, Ferdinand Simaanya:

1. Dr Maxmillan Bweupe (Director Health Policy & Planning)
2. The Senior Medical Superintendent Children’s Hospital – Dr John Musuku
3. The Head – Clinical Care, Children’s Hospital – Dr Musaku Mwenechanya
4. The Chief Hospital Administrator – Mr Isaac Kakumbi
5. The Chief Nursing Officer – Children’s Hospital – Mrs Victoria Nthala
6. The Principal Nursing Officer – Mrs Likezo Mvula
7. The Secretary General, Zambia Association in South Africa – Mrs Cynthia Kalomo
8. The Immediate Past President of ZASA – Mr Edwin Mwitumwa Mununga
9. The President, Zambia Union of Nurses Organisation (ZUNO) – Mr Liseli Sitali
10. Senior Staff and Nursing Staff, Children’s hospital
11. ZASA Executive Officials present
12. The Managing Director, Rainet Logistics – Mr Creig Daka
13. Members of the Press
14. Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen

Good morning ladies and gentlemen.

Firstly, we thank our almighty God for always providing us with a Gift of life and such a wonderful gathering this morning.

The UTH teaching hospital is dedicated to the health care and wellbeing of a large population of children in Zambia, making it our flagship and crucial health facility over the years housing 350 children beds.
As ZASA, we assessed the situation at this hospital and realized that UTH is not well equipped with 3/4 blankets to keep the girl and boy child comfortable and warm as they go through medication and treatment.
As ZASA we took an initiative to donate 800 blankets towards the UTH children’s hospital.

On behalf of ZASA and Zambians living in South Africa, it is an honor and privilege to be part of history on this very special occasion.

This is no ordinary occasion; it marks a new beginning in the way Zambians in the diaspora relate to the work of national development.
This gift is a symbol of ideals we have set for ourselves to attain, making it a milestone in our history books through the thought, commitment and purpose second to none.

As ZASA, we have a renewed commitment to participate actively in the pursuit of solutions to the challenges faced by the nation. We want to hold hands together with our brothers and sisters back home as we bring prosperity to our people and nation.

We feel compelled to act like the way we are doing today through this gift, because one cannot live with pride abroad while our brothers and sisters back home lack basic necessities.

We can’t leave the responsibility of supporting Government efforts to cooperating partners and donors only.

We are working closely with the Zambian diaspora  nexus to achieve the following
1. Skills transfer,
2. Technology transfer and
3. Knowledge transfer.

With skills transfer, I am happy to state that we have highly qualified and skilled Zambian Doctors in South Africa and I can make reference to Dr Sinyangwe who is a Specialist Cardiac Surgeon at Sunninghill Hospital [in Johannesburg] and also lectures at the same Hospital.

We are also aware honorable Minister that there are other critical areas the UTH is facing in areas like the Maternity Ward in terms of reliable water supply.

As ZASA, we will make a commitment to work closely with the UTH management to come up with a lasting solution to this problem.

As we conducted a tour of the Children’s wards yesterday, we also discovered that we need to donate about 300 bedsheets which we shall endeavour to raise in the near future.

Thank you so much for according us this opportunity to present the blankets to you.

May God bless you all, May God bless our Country Zambia

Thank you

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