Update | Arrested Zambian Truck Drivers

If you don’t know the story, please start by reading the story on this link – Zambian Truck Drivers arrested in SA – SADC Truck Drivers Association reacts


Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

The issue of truck drivers is slightly complicated. The information we have is very sensitive as of now but the Zambia High Commission are on the case trying to find ways of sorting the matter out. So far 6 drivers have been released and 6 are still in custody.

Rest assured that the matter is being dealt with as a matter of priority and the information we have at the moment cannot be shared until investigations are done and finalized.

Let us remain calm.

I had a long chat with the Truckers Association Chairperson of Zambia based in Kitwe who I have briefed him the truth of what happened and why the truck drivers are being held.

Thank you
Ferdinand Simaanya
ZASA President






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