Dear Colleagues,

For those requiring legal documentation to normalise their stay in the Republic of South Africa in the form of acquiring PERMITS of various kinds, please contact ZASA now.


Please note, these are not AMNESTY PERMITS but ZASA will do all they can to guide you through the process using qualified agents and immigration lawyers where procedure will have to be followed with all applicable documents submitted to Home Affairs for onward processing.

Priority is given to ZASA Receipt and Card carrying Members.

If interested please submit your Name, ZASA Card number, ZASA Receipt Number and your ZASA Branch name to the National Publicity Secretary on +27 (76) 3001848

“Please note that we are dealing with two separate matters here which is obtaining legal documentation under the South African Law in which each interested person will be guided accordingly and also through amnesty in which we have a team that is busy with lobbying for this process. We cannot stay stagnant if any opportunity arises to help hence the announcement for today.
Those who will not qualify this time, don’t despair, the amnesty will save you.
Thank you
Ferdinand Simaanya | ZASA President”


Alwyn Matongo,
Special Assistant to the President for Press & Communications.
Phone: 0613263073

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