Three Zambians held in Lindela


Good day family,

We have three Zambians held in Lindela for lack of documentation and also no valid days in the passports. Mrs Joyce Chimalilo from the Zambia High Commission will go to Lindela today to identify them and sign documents that will be used for deportation.

One of the arrested is a ZASA fully paid up member and as such ZASA will pay for the air ticket to go back home. The other one is sorted as the relatives have come up with the funds for the air ticket. We are yet to confirm on the status of the one remaining one.

On Tuesday, the police and immigration officials searched some complexes in Boksburg and foreigners were arrested.

Please make sure you have valid days in passports and also carry your passports when you go around. The stop and search will intensify and there will be road blocks all around.

Please make sure that you are very safe.

Thank you
Ferdinand SIMAANYA
ZASA President.

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