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Ladies and gentlemen;

We have observed that ZASA has become a place where people take advantage of UBUNTU to ask for help when they are in need.

It is a lie when we hear that Zambians don’t know about ZASA in South Africa and most often we ignore the call to join this movement.
We receive messages of help nearly each and every day on different needs and when we ask if you are a paid up member; mostly the answer is NO. Unfortunately, as leaders we need to say it as it is; without bias, fear or favour.

As much as we have hearts of humanity and live on the biblical principle of loving our neighbours as ourselves, we need to start to draw a line. It’s either you are part of us or not. The decision is all yours. You know what ZASA can do and can’t do. You know that the welfare fund is working well. You know that we will take care of you when in hospital. You know that we will share job opportunities when we receive them. You know that we have a business forum that will help your business to prosper. You know that we have the Chaplin’s office that will pray for you, lift you up when you are down, and give you hope for tomorrow. You know that in unity you can achieve more; divided we can all fall.

We have created a platform for people to bring that sense of belonging, to join the winning team regardless of your status. We don’t care whether you are poor or rich, ZASA is there for all Zambians.

We know that branches help many times when there is a need for non-paid up members, the burden has become too much for some people because some areas are over-populated making these areas more vulnerable to calamities. Mostly, it’s branch members who start contributing from their pockets.

Don’t wait to be caught napping, join the winning team today and make a difference.
We will thrive to sort out many issues as they come.

Submit your details on the form below and someone from ZASA will help you become a ZASA member.

Thank you
Ferdinand Simaanya. ZASA President

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  1. Yodh 2 years ago

    Add me in zasa watts app group please

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