Immigration Alert | ZASA Amnesty Petition Questionnaire now live

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As you may be aware by now, the Amnesty Petition questionnaire is ready for all Zambians living in South Africa to fill in and submit accordingly.

The whole reason of the questionnaire is to come up with solid information that will be used to finalize the petition document with correct numbers and different statuses Zambians are in.

Please note that all information submitted will be treated as highly confidential.

The Team has finished the sitting and are convinced that we are about 15000 Zambians living in South Africa, we are highly convinced that the South African Government can consider our plea as the number is way too little.

The Committee has come up with a friendly questionnaire which should be completed by all Zambians Living in South Africa. Important – this questionnaire should ONLY be circulated to and completed by Zambians living in South Africa.

Below is the link where you are supposed to click, fill in completely and submit.  The ZASA Petition Committee will capture the information.

Mr Charles Yamba
Petition Chairperson

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