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South African Airways has issued a statement warning travelers of a scam that has been doing the rounds, here’s their official statement below.
JOHANNESBURG. 30 January 2017. South African Airways (SAA) would like to warn customers of a hoax survey prevalent on social media suggesting SAA is offering free tickets to fly anywhere. “SAA is neither conducting an online survey nor offering free flight tickets. We have no association whatsoever with this so-called survey. Free flight tickets are a luxury we cannot afford at this stage as the airline is focusing on restoring financial stability and is managing its costs to improve its performance,” said SAA Spokesperson, Tlali Tlali.
The scam is an open invitation to interested parties, inviting participants to tell 10 friends on WhatsApp about the South African Airways survey.
“Participants are requested to answer four survey-type questions and the steps include distributing or sharing the survey with ten friends. We strongly warn everybody to ignore this hoax survey and to avoid clicking on the link if they receive it. There’s no telling what could happen to the devices of those who click on the link. It is better to heed the warning and exercise restraint than to be brave and sorry,” cautioned Tlali.
All SAA promotional activities are uploaded on the airline’s website ( and will also appear on SAA official social media channels. SAA communication platforms are regularly updated and carry all official company messages. SAA Official Information and Communication are:
General Enquiries: +27 11 978-1000
Any person who may have been prejudiced or suffered any loss as a result of this hoax is encouraged to report the matter with the law enforcement agencies.

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