ZASA AGM Takeaways


✅The Embassy through the JCC is working with South Africa Government to ensure that Zambians traveling to SA are given minimum 30 days as stipulated in immigration regulations.

✅The Embassy is against Zambians seeking Asylum in South Africa. Anyone with asylum papers may not be assisted by the embassy with any national documents such as travel documents.

✅Zambians are encouraged to follow proper procedures in obtaining work permits etc.

✅ZASA will continue a petition to the Authorities to regularise Zambians with papers – Mr. Yamba will chair the petition team. The process to unfold soon.

✅ZASA will ramp up membership drive this year. The target is to have 10 000 ZASA members by this year.

✅The Constitution and Disciplinary Code were adopted.

Thanks All.

Ferdinand Simaanya.

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