If you are planning on traveling through Martin’s Drift border post, please leave early. Reports this morning have come in that at 6am there were queues of up to 7kms for small cars, some trucks have been waiting for up to 3 days. We spent 5 hours when crossing last week. Also be patient and polite with officials and you will get served quickly, your aim is to reach your destination not extend your travel time.


The good thing is the roads are very good (except for a few patches – see below) but please stick to speed limits as there are a lot of speed traps in Botswana.

Be very careful after Francis Town, we (and 4 other cars while we were stopped changing a tyre) hit a massive pothole 20kms after Francis Town. The road is bad for about 30kms after that and then clears up but still be on the lookout for small potholes every now and then. In Zambia, the roads are good until about 15 kms before Mazabuka. The road is really bad from there up to the Kafue T-Junction so please be very careful as you drive.


The rains are heavy in Botswana and Zambia especially as you get closer to the Game Park and Mazabuka so please ensure your wipers are in perfect working order or you will struggle to see properly.


Some shops in Botswana also take Rand if you don’t have Pula so ask the cashiers and they will assist with conversions. Cards are accepted throughout so you should be fine to travel with minimal Pula currency.

If you can sleep in Nata then do so but try to book ahead of time. Nata Lodge can be reached on +267 77 600 954, let them know you are a ZASA Magazine reader and they will give you a discount for your stay – Speak to the manager Gobe.

We recommend starting off from Nata at around 5am so that you go through the Game Park in daylight (PLEASE do not go through the Game Park at night – you will find wild animals crossing the road, elephants especially as they go and sit on the tarmac since it’s still warm from the day’s sun). If you are faced by an elephant – DO NOT HOOT OR FLASH LIGHTS! Rather wait for it to move then proceed, hooting or flashing lights will get you killed.

Safe travels! #zasamag