Zambians meet with President Lungu in Pretoria, South Africa

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President of the Republic of Zambia, His Excellency, Mr. Edgar C. Lungu and ZASA President Mr. Ferdinand Simaanya – Pretoria

Zambian President Edgar Lungu is in South Africa on a 3-day state visit that kicked off yesterday with him meeting and engaging with Zambians living in South Africa. ZASA Magazine was in attendance and will be bringing you the full story in the December 2016 issue.

Zambia Association in South Africa (ZASA) President Ferdinand Simaanya this morning commented;

“Wow! This was a night to remember. We met the President Edgar Lungu last night and all difficulties Zambians face in South Africa were put across to him. Our President made a note that all issues will be ironed out through different line ministries. Issues of legal documents; land acquisition for diaspora Zambians; funding for the destitute fund; obtaining passports, birth certificates and drivers licenses through the embassy; days at point of entry where Zambians are given only a few days to visit or do business in South Africa; implementing a deliberate policy to incentivise professionals to go back home to serve; tax reductions on building materials and agricultural equipment, and voting in our missions abroad were points among others that were touched on by President Lungu.”

ZASA President Mr. Ferdinand Simaanya receives award from the Zambian High Commissioner to South Africa, His Excellency, Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba – Pretoria

Mr. Simaanya was also recognised last night, amongst others, with the Zambia High Commission giving out awards for commitment, dedication and hard work that has seen Zambians brought together in South Africa. Mr. Simaanya insists this award is recognition for all ZASA members across the country.

“To all members who came from all over the country, thank you so much. My National Executive Committee, without you, ZASA would not have prospered in this way. Thank you for all the visible achievements. God bless you all.” Ferdinand Simaanya, ZASA President.

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