Zambian suspects arrested in South Africa over alledged crimes

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South African authorities have arrested three people believed to be Zambians in connection with various criminal offenses.

South Africa’s Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) has confirmed the arrest of Hilda Malaya, holder of a passport whose number is indicated as 261253-61-1, and Lucky Dzuwua whose passport number has been recorded as unknown.  Malaya is being held for allegedly dealing in drugs while Dzuwua is alleged to have been found in possession of a dangerous weapon.

The third person, William Mathews also believed to be Zambian, with an unknown passport number, was found in possession of a vehicle presumed to have been stolen.

DIRCO confirmed the three incidents today in a note to the High Commission of Zambia in Pretoria.

And DIRCO has said that the authorities are still pursuing the murder case of a Zambian national and businessman, Ahmed Abbasi Sajjad.

DIRCO said Police investigations were still underway.

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Issued by:
Nicky Shabolyo
Press Secretary

Lusaka Times


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