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SHOOT DATE: Fri 9th Dec.
FEE: R5000 Daily + Plus Usage R30,000 +Travel
TRAVEL DAYS: 8th & 11th Dec
AUDITION DATE: Tomorrow, Wed 23rd Nov.
AUDITION VENUE: Gstop Casting, 12 Lime St. Sunnyside, Johannesburg near Auckland Park close to Atlas Studios.


* Nigerian/DRC/ Ghana…Pan African looking LADY 37yr – 54yrs. AUDITION TIME: 9:30-11:30am A smart, good looking/upmarket lady WARDROBE: Smart

* Nigerian/DRC…Pan African Man 37yr – 55yrs.
11am- 12.45. -Man of the house, nice looking, Modern. WARDROBE: Must wear vest under shirt & smart trousers.

We open to the DOMESTIC WORKER ironing a shirt in the living room while she watches Telemundo. Glued to the screen; she doesn’t notice the smoke rising from the iron while she burns the shirt. – Cam Cut to the tv screen then to the WOMAN of the HOUSE step in and ask: “JOYCE, WHATS THAT BURNING SMELL…?” as she says the words they trail off as she becomes enthralled by the scene on TV. The two of them watch together, while the shirt continues to burn. Then the DAD steps in wearing his vest and asks:
“HAS ANYONE SEEN MY SHIRT…?” as he ends the sentence he too becomes engrossed by the show, forgetting what he was asking. The DOMESTIC, still glued to the screen hands him the shirt without looking away. Still glued to the screen DAD takes the shirt&puts it on with a burn hole right in the center. He does up his buttons, still watching. TELEMUNDO ONE LOOK & YOU’RE HOOKED.

As U Audition use MACRAIN Agency (0765676558 – Joy), smile & be confident!
*PLEASE CONFIRM IF ATTENDING, if u can attend different times please inform!!!

Zambians are welcome to audition.

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