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Issue 12 | September 2016 (incl download link)


Hello ZASA Mag family!

Now that the rush of debit orders is behind you and you’ve settled into the new month with spring in the air… Allow us to give you something else to smile about, Issue 12 is here!

You will notice a few things have shifted around this month – this has been done to position our new contributors in such a way that you get a natural rhythm as we continue to allow the magazine to evolve.

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For hard copy orders, email macpatrick@longwemedia.co.za and enjoy the mag in all its HD glory!

We would like to welcome Steven Nonde to the team, he will be giving us some insights on vitality and health every month – send him some love, all comments can be put onto our social media platforms or emailed to zasamag@longwemedia.co.za.


Now as we always say, go get yourself a little something nice to sip on and enjoy the mag 🙂

Click here to download Issue 12 🙂

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Provides a concise, informative and leisurely digest for Zambians in the Diaspora (well, anyone interested in Zambia really) that you can peruse on a Sunday afternoon while sipping on whatever it is that makes you smile :-)

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