Visa-free travel for Commonwealth countries confirmed as hoax


There is a story that has been doing the rounds on social media platforms over the last couple of months getting a lot of shares from Commonwealth citizens (yes, Zambians included) stating that the UK has announced visa-free travel into the country for member states.

The reports state that the visa changes were based on ‘the assumption of Theresa May as the new British Prime Minister and that the UK has announced visa-free entry for all Commonwealth citizens.’  Zambia is one of 18 African countries which form part of the 53-member Commonwealth state.

Isabel Potgieter, spokesperson for the British High Commission to South Africa says the report is completely untrue.

“We can confirm that no changes have been made to the UK’s visa regime for citizens of Commonwealth countries.”

The British High Commission advised that “customers can find correct information on UK visas and immigration for their circumstances online…” – you can click here to go to the online portal or follow the link at the end of this post under sources.

When you come across stories that seem too good to be true, before sharing; always remember to check credible news sources for accuracy. If you are still unsure, email us on and we will be happy to verify the story’s authenticity for you 🙂

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British High Commission (Facebook Page Announcement) Online Visa Check Portal

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