Team of the Month_July 2016

The winning team this month is team Newcastle because of the following:
1. As a new branch, we gave them until the July monthend to contribute towards the Zambia Welfare Fund, but the branch refused and said they were ready as early as last monthend. The branch contributed and are now ready to have another deposit for this month.


2. With one month, the branch has more than 50 fully paid up members, this is a great achievement and weldone.

3. Within one month, the branch is busy organising a family fun day and tickets are now on sale. This is proper planning.

Thank you team Newcastle for the job well done. I remember the set up during the launch, it was second to none. I remember the delicious food you had on the buffet and the music just made it a 100% launch.

Good works, you deserve some bells.

Ferdinand Simaanya
ZASA President