OOP ZASA | Official Statement on escalating violence in Lusaka

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Zambia’s electoral commission has suspended campaigning in two areas, including the capital Lusaka, due to escalating political violence before the Aug. 11 elections, it said late on Saturday – Reuters

Campaigning has been halted in Lusaka and Namwala until 18 July, at which point the situation will be reviewed.


“During the suspension, there shall be no public rallies, meetings, processions or door to door campaigns,” the ECZ said in a statement.

On the back of this, ZASA has decided to add a voice of reason to the conversation. Below is a press statement from the organization.

Official press statement on current affairs in Zambia | Office of the ZASA President

As Zambians living in South Africa, we want to see peace, love and commitment to unity with all the leaders of different political parties in Zambia. As Zambians, we are a peace loving people and let us not allow politics to destroy our history, our culture, our heritage and what our forefathers fought for during the liberation struggle.

We call for common humanity on each other during our general elections in Zambia, to ensure the best for each other and not just the worst. We should begin each of our works from a shared belief that all of us want the best out of Zambia, now and in the future.
We call for all political parties in Zambia to act with humility and generosity. We pray that all the political parties’ failings can be forgiven.
As Zambians, we should uphold on the obligation to be good stewards of God’s creation. We should see every single Zambian as our own, each Zambian worthy of our love and of our compassion. we should answer scriptures call to lift up the vulnerable and to stand up for justice and to ensure that each Zambian lives with dignity from our freedom of choice and association.

The killings, the fighting, the insults and hate speech should come to an end. Our forefathers taught us One Zambia, One Nation and as such let us embrace each other with dignity and love.

Any human loss during campaigns is one too many. We should value life more than partisan politics.
Let us bring back the sense of belonging and let us join hands together with a spirit of brotherhood.

Thank you
Ferdinand Simaanya
President – Zambia Association in South Africa


Full article on suspension on Reuters.

Electoral Commission of Zambia statement here.

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