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ZASA Chaplain Office | Zambia Day of Prayer in South Africa

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The Zambia Day of Prayer in South Africa took place on Saturday, 9th of July 2016. Below are a few words of thanks from Patricia Mutungwa Mutenekwa and the speech from ZASA President Ferdinand Simaanya.


Words of thanks

The prayer meeting was a huge success, I want to say a special thank you to Vice Chaplain Pastor Chisala for coordinating the whole event, Pastor Mugala our host and your marvellous Germiston branch. All Chaplains who travelled; Prophet Kadesh from Durban, Pastor Mwape Mafikeng and Pastor Diana Middleburg. All our Johannesburg Chaplains; Midrand Pastor Dennis, Eastrand Pastor Phiri, Benoni Pastor Yoswa, and Bishop Musepa Pretoria, as well as all the other Pastors and Prophets from the Chaplain department. ZASA President Mr Ferdinand Simaanya, SG Cynthia Kalomo, Vice SG Mr Kandeke, Vice Publicity Masauso, Branch Chairmen, Anita Grace Bakanda for that wonderful praise and worship, the list is endless. All those who came to worship with us to make it possible, you are the church, from Chaplain office we are really humbled. Not forgetting The Deputy High Commissioner who worshipped with us till the end.

God bless you all.
It is done in Jesus name.
Shalom Shalom.

Patricia Mutungwa Mutenekwa


ZASA President’s Speech

The Zambia Day of Prayer in South Africa – President’s Speech: 09 July 2016.

Giving all Praise and Honour to God for bringing us together here this afternoon.
The Deputy High Commissioner to South Africa Mrs Philomena Kachesa, all the first secretaries at the Zambia High Commission present this afternoon, the Vice President of the Zambia Association in South Africa Mr Binwell Keshi, this is the man who always gives me advice and guidance in my duties, the hardworking Secretary General of the Zambia Association in South Africa Mrs Cynthia Kalomo Chitambo, Members of the ZASA National Executive Committee, Branch Chairpersons and the Branch Executives representing the whole country, The ZASA Chaplain Pastor John Habanyama and the entire Chaplains, all Protocols observed; ladies and gentlemen.

I would like to welcome you all to this very important Zambia Day of Prayer. As Zambians living in South Africa, we have been confronted by a number of challenges and we have no other option but to seek God’s intervention through prayer.

Prayer points will be

  1. Cancellation of premature deaths amongst Zambians living in South Africa.
  2. Peace during our general elections on the 11th of August 2016.
  3. Revival for Zambia to prosper economically, spiritually and financially.
  4. Marriage and family breakthroughs.

I want to thank everyone who helped organise the Zambia Day of Prayer in South Africa, especially the Chaplains office under Pastor John and all the faith leaders.
It is an honor to be with so many faith leaders one last time as the President of the Zambia Association in South Africa.
I am extremely honoured as always, to be with so many friends, members of the Zambia High Commission, members of the Zambia Association in South Africa and all members of the movement who have travelled from across the country to be part of history in the Zambia Association in South Africa calendar.
And I have to say that for the past two years, I could not have been prouder to work with the chaplain’s office and the Big ZASA family. We have built partnerships that have transcended beyond partisan politics, congregations and even faiths to form a community that is bound by our shared ideals and rooted in our common humanity. And that community I believe will endure beyond my Presidency because it is a living thing that all of us are involved in.
Our faith changes us. I know it changed me. It renews in us a sense of possibility. It allows us to believe that although we are all sinners and that at times we will falter, there is always a possibility of redemption.
You remind me each and every day that you have been incredible friends and partners and I couldn’t be prouder to know all of you. I thank you for sharing in this fellowship. I pray that our time together will strengthen our souls and fortify our faiths and renew our spirit. That we will continue to build ZASA and Zambia that is worthy of His many blessings
On this occasion, I always enjoy to reflect on a piece of scripture that has been meaningful to me or otherwise sustained me throughout the two years; and lately I have been thinking and praying on a verse from 2nd Timothy: “for God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power and of love and of sane mind.”

We live in extraordinary times, times of extraordinary change. In Zambia right now, we are surrounded by political intolerance of all our major political parties; we need peace and humanity to prevail.

As Zambians living in South Africa, we are confronted with premature deaths and sicknesses; please help us God. In our homes, men are beating their wives and some are abandoning their families; this is real and it’s happening. We receive those phone calls, may our good Lord give our marriages direction, wisdom, forgiveness and breakthrough.
Just last year, we had 21 deaths in our community and this year we are standing on 11 deaths. Just last week we buried a three year old little girl Chiyamaka Ilonuba, this is a premature death.
We have sicknesses in our community, Gilbert Musakanya is ill with cancer and he will start Chemotherapy next week, we have Mrs Tina Nyati who is now recovering from a major operation at home in Kempton park, we have Mr Mwansa who came from Botswana to visit but got sick and admitted at sunninghill hospital and also Mwansa Lydia Chatupa who is sick at home.
The healing hand of God will touch them and heal them all.
We pray for Zambia to prosper economically through our vast land, mineral resources, skilled labour, tourism and abled leadership. There is nothing impossible in God if we believe.
Jesus is a good caretaker of all these setbacks. God gives believers the power, the love, the sane mind required to conquer all this.
We pray for God’s protection in Zambia, and all the Zambians living in South Africa and beyond. We call for common humanity on each other during our general elections in Zambia, to assure the best for each other and not just the worst. We should begin each of our works from a shared belief that all of us want the best out of Zambia, now and in the future.

I pray that all the political parties in Zambia will act with humility and generosity. We pray that all the political parties’ failings can be forgiven. I pray that we will uphold on the obligation to be good stewards of God’s creation. I pray that we will see every single Zambian as our own, each Zambian worthy of our Love and of our compassion. And I pray we answer scriptures call to lift up the vulnerable and to stand up for justice and to ensure that each Zambian lives with dignity from our freedom of choice and association.

This is my humble prayer this afternoon.

May God Bless you all abundantly, may His face shine upon you and give you His peace. May you walk-in divine confidence that our Lord God lives and dwells amongst us. May God Bless mother Zambia.

Thank you.
Ferdinand Simaanya
ZASA President

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