WhatsApp Gold – You Are Downloading Spyware/Malware!

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Scammers are targeting and enticing victims with ‘exclusive’ new features

There has been a lot of information going around on social networks talking about the ‘new’ Whatsapp Gold. Be careful; all you are doing is putting your personal information in danger of being stolen and used by scammers.

Unsuspecting WhatsApp users are being tricked into downloading ‘WhatsApp Gold’, a version of the app which actually infects mobiles with malware.

A number of the app’s users have reported receiving messages urging them to sign up for the service via the WhatsApp Gold website, which is linked in the message.

According to independent.co.uk, the app’s extra features (which the scammers claim have only previously been available to top celebrities) include the ability to send hundreds of pictures at once, new emojis, video calling, enhanced security features and more customisation options.

Please do not fall victim to this scam; downloading it from the website will simply infect your phone with malware that will amongst other things steal your data or track your movements and activity.

The scam has existed in different forms for some time, sometimes under the name ‘WhatsApp Plus’.

In response to a user that was banned by WhatsApp in the FAQ section of their website, they explain:

“WhatsApp Plus is an application that was not developed by WhatsApp, nor is it authorized by WhatsApp. The developers of WhatsApp Plus have no relationship to WhatsApp, and we do not support WhatsApp Plus. Please be aware that WhatsApp Plus contains source code which WhatsApp cannot guarantee as safe and that your private information is potentially being passed to 3rd parties without your knowledge or authorization.

Please uninstall your application and install an authorized version of WhatsApp from our website or Google Play. After the 24 hour count down ends you will be able to use WhatsApp.”

Example of a message that’s being sent


Please take care; ignore and delete the messages offering this service and only download your apps from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

You can find the full article at Independent.co.uk

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