The year is gone but history is written.
It’s written and recorded in the media.
To inform the youth and the future young ones.
To inform them about 16 June 1976 in Soweto- Sharpeville,
Soweto uprising!

When the whole of Sharpville was covered by a black cloud.
Students walking all over the streets of Soweto,
Marching and striking against the language policy in schools.
Striking against the use of Afrikaans language in all subjects.
During the era of an apartheid government.
June 16 1976- Soweto uprising,

The memorable day of our late brothers and sisters of 1976.
The day in which they were shot and killed like animals.
The prominent figures in the country indeed!
Dying for their rights against a white apartheid government.
June 16 1976 I still have its picture in my mind.
When our late brothers and sisters were killed like animals.
When our late brothers and sisters struggled for freedom.
Freedom that we have today.
June 16 1976 it is gone,
But I still commemorate the day
June 16, Youth Day
The memorable day of victims of June 16 1976 Soweto Uprising.
A day to recall Hector Peterson a 12 year old boy.
An international icon of South African’s struggle for freedom,When he was shot dead by cops during a school strike.

June 16 1976, this is the year of our late heroes and heroines of 1976.
Our late heroes – our late heroines of 16 June 1976,
Who fought for freedom we have today.
Freedom that youth of today have.

And the right to use mother language as the first language.
I will always respect and commemorate every 16 June.
The important day for every youth to commemorate.
Celebrate the day in the memory of our freedom fighters.
The freedom fighters of 16 June 1976.
June 16 we will always commemorate the day.
June 16 1976 I will always recall the day.

Poem titled June 16, 1976 – Soweto Uprising