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Finally released from Phalala prison… Mr. Tembo there you go

Good day family,

My name is Loveness Kondowe, I work for the Department of Justice South Africa… I was asked by Mr Tembo to address this forum regarding the challenges we are facing at the border of Martinsdrift/Groblersdale (between S.A and Botswana).

A lot of Zambians especially truck drivers are being arrested for bringing in illicit goods.. e.g. skin lightening creams and cigarettes just to mention a few. Now when these guys are arrested they are advised to get a private lawyer by the police officials, once a lawyer is involved these guys are told to pay legal fees from R5000 depending on how serious the case is. After that he promises to take the accused people on bail… the problem is, this man is a crook and works with the police so many Zambians are still in jail after paying R5000 some R20 000 waiting to be released on bail. This man just capitalises on these guys because he knows that most foreigners don’t know their rights…

When a person is arrested be it an S.A or foreign national, he or she is entitled to apply for bail on the first appearance in court lest the state opposes the bail application for various reasons…

Truck owners please advise your drivers not to carry illicit goods into S.A; should they get arrested, advise them to apply for Legal Aid free lawyers that the Government provides to assist those who cannot afford private lawyers… And bail will be granted…

I have been fighting for these guys to be released, last week I managed to assist Cletus Tembo who was very sick after staying in jail for 3 Months. Off course he had paid R6000 to the said lawyer and was not released.

Today (Thursday, June 02, 2016) three accused got out on bail after speaking to the prosecutor.

Thank you.

Loveness Kondowe | Department of Justice South Africa.


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