Joining ZASA is all about connecting people, we get a lot of heartwarming stories and thought we should share one that will touch your heart too and hopefully show you why ZASA exists – you too can be a part of this movement; all you have to do is sign up. Mama G shared this story with the National Executive but we “stole” and decided to publish it as it demonstrates that there is a lot that can be accomplished when we work together. Here’s her story…


This morning as Pietermaritzburg branch we got word that there was a Zambian by the name of Priscilla Mwansa in a Psychatric hospital who because of her psychotic condition, they could not get info from her regarding relatives and contact details. She had a very confusing story regarding her stay here in SA. All the contact numbers she gave here in SA lead to people who did not know her.Also they could not get medical history from her, so it was difficult to put her on the correct treatment coz the Dr needed a baseline. She has been in hospital for 1 month now.
Anyway Ps Sinatra and I took time to see her and the Dr today at 3pm to get first hand info and plan a way forward. We decided to interview her in bemba and managed to get some sensible and quite accurate information from her regarding her home in Zambia, relatives and contact person. She gave us the name and number of her aunt in Kitwe and when we called, indeed it was the aunt and she acknowledged knowing Priscilla and mentioned that she had been missing in Zambia for 3 months now and was shocked at how she ended up in SA. She also confirmed that Priscilla is a known Psychatric patient.
So the way forward now is to get medical history, she will then be put on the right treatment and once she stabilises, we will arrange for her to go back home.

After our visit today to the hospital, it has become clear to me that ZASA is not so much about what I can benefit from the association, but what I can do to be a blessing for the benefit of others. Seeing Priscilla struggle in hospital has really touched my heart. There are so many needs around us. I want to be a blessing to many that the Lord brings my way through ZASA.

Miaze Maboshe-Lupinda