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To all those that are Entrepreneurs at heart and have not yet invested, take time to analyse the business environment in Zambia and the loopholes you can exploit.

A few examples;
– Hotels, lodges & guest houses are on the increase; try to supply them with consumables… You can supply tiny soap, tissue, food etc.
– Vehicle ownership in this country is on the rise, think hard about what service or product you can offer to the thousands of motorists here…
– Shopping malls are popping up everywhere. Provide a service to shop owners and employees e.g transport services for employees that knock off late, cleaning services etc.
– Construction is booming, almost everyone is building. Tap into that too
– Zambia is a consuming nation, use that to your advantage. Import what is really in demand here at affordable prices to service this demand…
– Education is now the in thing. Almost everyone wants to further their studies. Provide a service or product in that sector…
– Our ladies and hair. The supply of black women’s hair products is a multi-million dollar industry, either provide a service or product within that sector…
– The agricultural sector; you can just be a transporter, trader, marketer or simply join in the actual farming – there are many mouths to feed…

There are many more other businesses out there, just indulge yourself. Be creative and innovative.

You can do it.

Piece written by Sam Nkhani


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