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The ZASA National Executive Committee and the ZASA Branch Executive Committees had a very important meeting on Saturday 28th May 2016, and the Zambia Welfare Fund was unanimously adopted by the National Executive Committee and the all branches.

All branches must contribute R700 per month starting from the 30th June 2016.

For example, R700 x 15 branches = R10500, which will accumulate to R42000 for four months. This fund will not be accessible for a period of four months. If there is any eventuality within the four months, we will go the same route of branch donations. In the 5th month once the fund matures, we can then start using the fund.

All ZASA members are supposed to contribute the following to their respective branches:
Family of husband, wife and three kids R60, and individual R30. Any extra person to a family of more than five, will contribute R20.

In an event that a branch contributes more than R700 in a month, the extra money will be banked as branch money which will be accessible anytime a branch requests. Branches are NOT allowed to open any bank account under ZASA and this decision is final.

The branch that contributes towards the welfare fund will receive R8000 for any eventuality. The branch that does not take part In the welfare fund will receive R3000 split into two being the branch itself R1500, and general ZASA membership R1500.

There was a question to say that if a family does not have an eventuality for a year, is there any cash back? The answer is NO. That is being selfish. ZASA is all about sacrifice. ZASA is about what my neighbor will benefit from me. ZASA is about what I can do to make my fellow Zambian live a better life. Such people with such a thinking capacity should never join ZASA.

The Zambia Welfare Fund will start on the 30th of June 2016 and all branches countrywide are encouraged to participate in this noble cause.

Viva ZASA, Viva Zambia, Viva the Zambia Welfare Fund, viva One Zambia, One Nation.
Ferdinand Simaanya
ZASA President

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