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Mubita and Mweemba Go For an Interview

A lozi and tonga were friends and went for an interview… Mubita was educated and Mweemba wasn’t, so they agree to help each other
They agree that the educated one will go first… And when he comes back, he will give the other the answers to all the questions
Mubita started;
QN 1:”When was Zambia’s independence?”
Mubita :”It was supposed to be 1960 but was postponed to 1964 due to many reasons.”
QN 2:”Who brought independence to Zambia?”
Mubita :”So many participated but it was Kenneth Kaunda who finalised it.”
QN 3:”It’s believed that on planet mars there is life…is it true?”
Mubita :”So many say so, but it has not been scientifically proven.”
When mubita left the interview room, he went straight to his uneducated friend and gave him all the answers.
Mweemba’s interview started:
QN 1:”When were you born?”
Mweemba :”It was supposed to be 1960 but it was postponed to 1964.”
QN 2:”What!! Who is your father?”
Mweemba :”So many parcitipated but it was Kenneth Kaunda who finalised it.”
QN 3:”Oh My God!! Are u CRAZY???”
Mweemba :”So many say so but it has not been scientifically proven!”

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