ZASA Magazine - Issue 4 - January 2016

With the festive season now behind us, it’s time to get back to work save for a few people who decided to stay longer on leave, you lucky souls… We love you all just the same.
Welcome to our 4th edition of ZASA Mag, it has been a really interesting road and we have enjoyed walking it with you. Thanks to you, our December edition was the most downloaded and we are determined to keep that momentum going. We now have readers from all over the world interestingly enough so being the inclusive bunch we are, we welcome you all to the ZASA Mag family and hope you will continue supporting something that is truly designed for you fellow Zambians.
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In this edition:
We bring you an exclusive interview with the ZSABC Chairman who tells us what plans the Council has for 2016 and how you can get involved if you own a business. We have the usual features that you love and some more review in pics from the ZSABC Gala Dinner that was attended by President Edgar Lungu.
Wishing you a very, very prosperous 2016 as you kick it off with your favourite Mag.
Enjoy the read 🙂