ZASA Mag November Cover

The response to the first issue has been truly overwhelming and for that we are very grateful – THANK YOU. It is a wonderful feeling to be accepted right off the bat and we promise to keep the momentum going, take on the constructive advice and grow the publication into something you will be proud of.
Now, what can you expect from Issue 2 you ask? Well let me tell you…
We have carefully selected and distilled the stories in this issue to strike a balance between lifestyle, business and entertainment. Although the Feature Section has grown, this has been done to give you a better understanding of who your various representatives are as Zambians in South Africa.
We are still in the process of reshuffling things to make the reading as easy as possible. In doing this, we bear in mind what we would like the magazine to achieve, that is one that provides a concise, informative and leisurely digest that one can peruse (Zambian or not) on a Sunday afternoon.
In our pursuit of this description, we invite you again to let us know what you want from the magazine so it evolves into something YOU want to read every month.
We also want to encourage you to share the magazine with people in other foreign and local communities so that they may know more about you and your country.
Enough blabbing for now, let’s get straight into it!